Be Software IS Process and application automation, simplified. We provide affordable, easy to use automation solutions for businesses of any size.

Our Automation as a Service platform is easy to use, requires no additional infrastructure and can be setup in as little as 30 minutes. Configuration management, operating system updates, application deployment and remote execution and much more... made possible from any device any where.

Our newest offering, Conifer, is our industry leading SecOps/Compliance Remediation Platform. It is 100% automated, managed via CLI (it can also be executed via CLI), and can easily be integrated into any environment quickly.

Making life simple through automation... Be Software.

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Our compliance module is as easy as they come.  In just a couple clicks you can ensure that your servers and computers adhere to various industry standards and guidelines.  We have compliance jobs that follow standards set by the NCUA, DoD, and others.


Operating system updates are a crucial component to every organization's I.T. security posture.  Secured systems are far less likely to fall victim to attacks and risk exposing or losing data.

Simple Application Deployments

Our file and application deployment module makes installing software and distributing files to systems a breeze.  Literally anyone can do it in a few simple clicks.  If you can browse this web page you install software across your environment.

Be Software Platform

  • Making tasks easy... like mitigating ransomware vulnerabilities

Managing, updating, protecting:

Maintenance and management of systems during their lifespan is paramount to keep them running well, whether you are running Windows OR Linux.

We help you maintain your environment with regard to operating system updates, post installation hardening/compliance, and daily management tasks.   These controls help ensure the system is kept up to the latest operating system vendor version and gives an overall view of the update posture in the your environment.  This also makes sure that the latest versions of software libraries are available from third party vendors.

It's also imperative to stay ontop of current threats and vulnerabilities.  Don't fall victim to preventable attacks like the recent WannaCry ransomware.

USA Today article:
'WannaCry' ransomware attack: What we know

The Hacker News article:
WannaCry Kill-Switch(ed)? It’s Not Over! WannaCry 2.0 Ransomware Arrives

BE Software can make the work of resolving these quick and easy.

Data Center Management:

With our updating, compliance, and configuration modules we ensure systems are consistent, up-to-date, and more secure. Enforcing host based firewalls adds an additional layer of security to prevent internal hack attempts. Patching the operating system to the latest versions decreases the attack vector helping to prevent viruses, malware, and ransomware. The configuration management controls ensure that systems maintain their state and consistency across multiple servers. For example, Remote Desktop is available on all Windows systems or disabled across all systems.